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LFP Charger 8 Cell 24V 7A

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Dedicated high quality LFP charger.

- 24V 8 cell, 7A max output
- Advanced High frequency switch mode technology
- DC output isolated from AC input
- Universal Input 110-240VAC 50-60Hz
- Stable output regardless of input variations
- Completely automatic battery charging
- LED display showing voltage, current, capacity percent, capacity, charging time
- Short circuit, over-voltage, over temperature, reverse polarity protection
- Efficiency > 85%
- Fan forced ventilation
- 100% full load burn in tested
- Anodized aluminium enclosure
- 12 Month factory warranty



LFP Charger 8 Cell 24V 7A

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1.  New  power  control  technology.  
2.   Meet  International  Electrical  energy  products  requirements  (  Power  efficiency  80  PLUS)  
3.   Via  the  International  environmental  protection  requirements  (  RoHS  ),  no  pollute  the  environment,  safe  and  secure  for  use. 
4.   New  multi-­stage  Charging  function:
Pre-­Charge  1                   This  stage  active  only  if  the  battery  is  severely  discharge  and  help  protect  and  recondition  the  cells against  damage.  
Soft  start  (pre-­charge  2  )       Soft-­start,  Moderate  charging  at  beginning  to  avoid  the  peak  current  damage  the  cell  at  start.  
Bulk                                 Charging  with  maximum  current  ,  the  current  is  fixed  according  maximum  capability  of  the  charger.  
Absorption                       Charging  with  declining  current  to  maximum  up  the  battery  capacity. 
Analysis                           Analysis  mode  to  determine  the  battery  charge  status  and  battery  saturation.   Cut-­off  power                   Power-­off  mode,            Shutdown  voltage  and  current  when  charging  is  complete  to  avoid  overcharging  and  battery  voltage  variations  caused  by  trickle  current  at  after  charging.  
5.   Intelligent  charging  mode  :  Effectively  increase  the  battery  recharge  capacity  and  improve  the  battery  life.
6.   Microprocessor  auto  detect  charging  status  (  to  monitored  the  charging  is  normal)  Automatically  stop  charging   and  display fault  LED  if  there  was  abnormal  during  charged.
7.   Over  heat  protection  :  Automatic  drop  down  output  power  to  protect  the  charger  against  over  heat.  
8.   Short  circuit  protection,  The  charger  stop  output  power  when  positive  and  negative  short  together.  
9.   Reverse  polarity  protection,  No  output  power  when  reversed  battery  polarity,  ensure  are  not  connected  the  wrong  way.  10.Anti-­Arc  protection  :  The  clips  will  not  spar  if  touch  together  or  connected  to  battery.
11.  Disconnect  protection,  when  during  charged  the  battery  if  there  was  unexpected  disconnect  the  charger  will  automatically  replies  to  standby  mode.  
12.Battery  anomaly  detection  mode,  the  fault  LED  display  when  battery  or  charging  was  abnormalities.  (  such  as  short-­circuit,  disconnect  or  reverse  polarity)

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